Teachers of all levels deserve high respect in society. To retain and foster this image, they need to grow in their profession. Their growth can be possible when they are coached and motivated consistently. We offer one-day, two-day, and week-long coaching to teachers for their career development and job satisfaction. 

Principals, vice-principals, and finance officers need both leadership and managerial competences. For the gradual development of their soft skills including communication, time management, collaboration, planning, coordination, organizing, and leadership, they need pieces of training on diverse aspects of leadership and management. We offer one-day, three-day, and week-long training to principals, vice-principals, finance officers and other managerial personnel to foster their competence and skills. 

Besides, marketing plays a vital role in the development of private schools. Motivation Funnel is a team that caters consulting services for marketing and promotion of schools. 

  • Coaching Teachers
  • Training Academic Leaders
  • and Accountants
  • & Consulting for School Management and Development
  • Project Proposal
  • and Project Report