Aamir Shabaan---Sales Officer

Mr. Shabaan is part of the executive body. He is assigned the responsibility to perform as the sales officer in the company. He has been working very tactfully and honestly since the inception of the company. He is a smart and active member of the company. He is a full-time member and cooperates, coordinates and collaborates with the team for conducting the programs. His involvement in the company is the matter of pride for the team. He is responsible for the sales department of the company. Shabaan is a man of integrity and commitment.

MD Tauseef Khan---Program Coordinator

Mr. Khan holds the responsibility of coordinating programs and cooperating with the team for the implementation of the policies of the company. Khan has been performing his role very diligently and honestly since the beginning of the company. He is competent and hardworking in the respective arena. He is a winning and commendable personality. Undoubtedly, Khan is committed to staying active for the betterment of the company.

Nischal Srivastav--Host

Mr. Nischal is a mind-blowing anchor and radio journalist. He is a multilingual speaker. He has got strong passion for engaging the audience. His sound and accent are, of course, melodious and mesmerizing. He is one of the most sought after anchors in the country. He has been part of the team since the inception of the company.

Sahjad Ali---Finance Officer

Mr. Ali is a hardworking and committed personality. He has been part of the team from the very beginning of the company. He has got a keen sense of connecting people around. He is a sincere and result-oriented professional. His role as a finance officer in the company has boosted up the image of the team in an expected manner. After all, he is a sociable and amicable person.

Monika Srivastav--Public Relations Officer

Ms. Monika is a commendable and dedicated personality. She is an MA in English from Tribhuvan University. She has been part of the team since the beginning of the company. She has got a winning personality. She has an acute sense of time. She stays responsible for the assignments. She is a singer and anchor as well. However, she is deemed to work as a public relations officer for Motivation Funnel Pvt. Ltd.

Imran Khan-Program Coordinator

Mr. Khan is an energetic youth with commendable attributes to build-up public relations. He has been associated with the team of Motivation Funnel since the beginning. He has been performing his role well and impressively. The team prides in having Mr. Khan as part of the company. He is honest and dedicated personality whose contributions to the company are remarkable.

Babu Ram Chaurasiya-Program Coordinator, Rupandehi

Mr. Chaurasiya is an MA in English from Tribhuvan University. He is a permanent teacher of English at Higher Secondary Level School, in Suryapura. He has been working as a social worker for community development and welfare for several years. He is a dynamic and multitalented person. He has an acute passion for managing programs and events. He has been contributing to Motivation Funnel as a Program Coordinator since its inception. Overall, Mr. Chaurasiya is an incredible asset to the company.

Prof. Dr. Shreedhar Gautam- Chief Adviser

Prof. Dr. Shreedhar Gautam is the Chief Adviser of Motivation Funnel Pvt. Ltd. He is a senior professor of English at Tribhuvan University. Prof. Gautam is a prolific author and a renowned academic at home and abroad. He is one of the most sought after Ph.D. advisors in Nepal. His contributions to academic advancement in universities of Nepal reveal his outreaching calibers.

Pratima Dhakal-Program Coordinator

Ms. Pratima Dhakal is one of the program coordinators in Motivation Funnel Pvt. Ltd. She is a committed personality endowed with sincerity, diligence, and discipline. She has been working for the company since the beginning of its inception. She is impressive with winning personality. Her contribution to the company is praiseworthy.

Dr. Saleem---Motivation & Leadership Coach

Dr. Saleem is a motivation & leadership coach. He has been training professionals, political leaders, and jobholders since 2010. He has written more than thirty books on diverse subjects including course-based textbooks and reference books. His some of the most sought after books are: An Accessible Way to Critical Theories, Professionals' Quest, Enlightening the Reader, English for Mass Communication, English for Communication, A Handbook for Teaching English, Methods of Writing Thesis, Language and Linguistics, An Analytical Path to Fiction, Thoughts and Criticism and many others. He is a versatile academic and committed public figure. His acute sense of understanding the human psyche and developing a relationship with people of manifold zones of life is highly intense. His expertise in project management, conflict management, and multiculturalism substantiates his academic caliber and the magnitude of his professionalism. Indeed, Khan is a mind-blowing coach on entrepreneurship and network marketing. He is a genuine professional with a winning personality.

K.M. Jauhar----------Manager

Mr. KM Jauhar is the Manager of Motivation Funnel Pvt. Ltd. He is a dynamic, proactive, and consistently engaging business leader. He is an experienced personality of dealing with prospects from diverse cultural backgrounds. He undertakes the responsibility and accountability of the administration and management of the company. He is the administrative leader of the company.

K.B. Shrestha-Program Adviser

Mr. K. B. Shrestha is the Program Adviser of Motivation Funnel Pvt. Ltd. He is a smart, versatile, and amiable official. His expertise in organizing and leading the programs is a remarkable asset of the company. His exposure to different social affairs can help the company to grow exponentially.

Makbul Ahmad-Program Manager

Mr. Ahmad is the program manager of Motivation Funnel Pvt. Ltd. He is an expert in Natural Sciences particularly in Applied Mathematics. He is a dynamic and liberal personality. He has been contributing to the company since its inception. He is a visionary and smart personality whose dedication and devotion to the team-building process is praiseworthy.